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Strategy Development

Identification of challenges and needs, facilitating leadership alignment, definition of strategic direction  and objectives, development of strategic initiatives, development of key performance measures and design of strategy evaluation methodologies.


Policy & Program Design / Development

Identification of policy/ program objectives, development of alternative schemes, evaluation optimal policy design, development of supporting programs, design of policy/program evaluation methodologies.


Portfolio Strategy

Development of asset/intervention portfolio strategy, design and development of optimal budget allocation processes and tools, development of portfolio rebalancing strategies and assessment/ review of existing portfolio management policies and procedures.


Strategic Decision Support

Supporting strategic decision making at the leadership level through building decision support tools and systems and setting up decision support offices/ teams.


Strategy Marketing

In any of the 4Ps of Marketing, we offer expert leadership to develop the most effective marketing strategies. Whether it’s a pricing strategy, a product/ portfolio strategy, a distribution strategy, or a promotion strategy, our consultants have an astonishing track record in each, and are eager to help.


Communication Strategies

It comes in different shapes and forms. Our vast experience in this area ranges from commercial communication strategies, to public awareness strategies, to government program launches. Our wealth of experience in this area enabled us to develop proven, contemporary strategic frameworks.


Executive Communication Support

Crucial presentations given by organization heads to boards or councils usually result in major decisions , sometime affecting the leader him/herself. If not taken seriously, such presentations can head the wrong direction, or at least, don’t reap the needed support!


Customer Journey Assessment

With organizational hierarchy based around functions, the ability to make effective decisions is fundamentally opposite to how a customer wants to experience dealing with them, to experience an organization that provides a single seamless journey across all touchpoints.


Brand Building & Architecture Strategies

Creating a new brand, whether in a private or public sector is a science that goes far beyond the logo design. Our brand experts can set the right branding strategy, the desired positioning statements, and the suitable brand architecture for your brand to be set up on the right foundation, and head towards the right direction.


Big Data Analytics

Help organizations in harnessing their data, analyzing it descriptively and chronologically using set of statistical tools – generating insights and supporting decisions.


Advanced & Predictive Analytics

Analyze data to determine major patterns, apply algorithms to estimate potential future behavior of key value metrics, use simulation techniques to asses uncertainties and quantify potential risks.


Customer Segmentation

Dividing the market into segments based upon different personality traits, demographics, values, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles of consumers to allow engagement in product design and marketing in a focused manner.


Market Research & Assessments

Designing market research approaches, conducting primary and secondary information collection including survey design, focus groups, workshops, interviews with experts, and mystery shopping. Research techniques include defining sample sizes, confidence intervals, data cleaning and un-biasing.


Business/ Program Reporting Setup

Determining client data needs, reviewing database structure and data types, developing business requirements for reporting, managing the relationship with system development service providers, conducting user experience reviews of reporting system.


Organizational Structuring and Setup

Process mapping and re-engineering, organizational structuring / re-structuring, capability profiling and selection, team / department setup and/or BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer).


Project Management

Design and development of project requirements, RFP development, procurement process design and management, project/ program lifecycle management, PMO setup and management, project / program manager secondment.


Training & Development

Our experts are always ready to provide training and development programs in different areas of expertise. In many cases we offer joint training programs with respected institutes. We also offer trainings for which we own the rights from reputable global organizations like Color Accounting

Leadership Positioning

Leaders, both in the private or public sectors, are the face of the organizations they lead. With the help of our experts, leaders can develop their desired positioning strategies, and setup a plan to implement them, slowly, yet effectively building the right personal positioning/ perception in the minds of their audience.


Stakeholder Engagement

In many cases, stakeholder engagement can be more crucial than public engagement & communication. We offer our own strategic framework and expertise in this field to build support of various stakeholders in a way that achieves strategic objectives.