To become the “top-of-mind” management consultancy for GCC organizations, whenever strategic opportunities or challenges arise.

Provide world class strategic consultations, in a locally relevant, implementable format to achieve the highest impact in the shortest span of time.
A leading Saudi management consultancy firm with deep experience in various fields. We have sufficient experience in the local market and supported by global experience

Our global experiences are divided from

– Some of our team members gained their wide experience by working for international entities prior to joining us, whether within or outside of Saudi Arabia.

– Our methodology considers paying attention to diversity in our workplace, making sure we employ foreign consultants, while maintaining a significant local consultant split.

– Our network of global subject matters experts offers world-class advisory in various industries and across different geographies.


Our methodology explains our name

The way we work, is that we “fit into” the client’s team and see ourselves as additional “Gears” that works in synergy with other “Gears” in the client’s organization.

Although we identify ourselves as Strategic, the Gears part of our name stresses on our “practical” side, as we claim to provide strategies that work!

Building on that, we aim to provide:

– A team that doesn’t intend to “replace” a current team at the client’s organization, but rather “adds” more strategic power to it.

– With multiple experiences, knowledge, and associations, our firm can provide multiple types of “gears”, i.e. a strategic marketing gear, a product development gear, an advisory gear, etc.


What’s in our name?

We “fit into” the client’s team and see ourselves as additional “Gears” that works in synergy with other “Gears” in the client’s organization.

We aspire to be a great extension to your organization; not aiming to replace anyone in your team, but rather “add” more experience and more power – strategic power.

With multiple experiences, knowledge and associations, our firm can provide multiple types of “Gears”, i.e. a strategic marketing Gear, a product development Gear or an advisory team Gear.

We are a management consulting firm that works to transform. We conduct through research and give our clients breakthrough perspectives on their organization; offering actionable insights and bring them to life.

We prioritize all our projects. First learning about our client’s business and then developing precisely tailored strategies that serve them best.

Our values

Eyes on stars but feet on the ground

Simplifying the complicated

Available & attainable solutions


Right things at right time

A fresh perspective

Consistently aligning expectations


Creating movement in the right direction

Spirit of getting things done

Nothing can substitute experience


Staying current, staying relevant

Making the most out of knowledge sharing

Excellence is won by training & development


We are in this together

Focusing on 'we' not 'me'

Capitalizing on the uniqueness

Resource Management

Responsible for a better future

Valuing each resource, paper, finances, human resources and time

First step: awareness, second step: productivity

Our Team